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The Swedish, symphonic death metalband DARK LEGACY are back again!
They have finally completed their 2:nd album -“The Rejects”.
After their debut album -“Ad Extremum Epilogue”(BVR007), DARK LEGACY released a first, digital single with the new title track -“The Rejects”(BVR014) and
now the full length album is ready for a release! ”The Rejects” have 8 tracks and the band are mixing their musical influences from acts like Edge of Sanity,
My Dying Bride and Opeth, as well as classical composers.
A journey within songs from genres of death/doom/black to heavy metal and vocally it’s growling mixed with clean singing.
”The Rejects” is mastered by Dan Swanö (Nightingale, Edge of Sanity, Witherscape) at Unisound.

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