Grimtone – Hymner Till Döden CD


1. Morte in vitam
2. Dödens vals
3. Ur avgrunden född
4. Det stora föraktet
5. Mörkrets makter
6. Det universala mordet
7. Förpesta min själ
8. Den oheliges blod
9. Innanför min hud
10. Djävulens tyrann


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Michael Lang – All instruments
Liam Micuda – Vocals

Formed in 2016, Grimtone is a black metal duo from Sweden.
The music is pure second wave black metal with influences from DSBM on the vocals;
Grim, harsh and cold!
First album was released in 2017 called “Momento mori”.
The 2nd album was first released as a LTD. cassette in 25 copies, under the name “Morte In Vitam” 2019.
The album was then renamed to “Hymner till döden” and with a new front cover,
this will be out as Digipack-CD/ Digital in 2019 by Downfall Records.

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