Tor Marrock – The Concept of Self CD

1. A Belonging
2. Sacrifice the Flesh
3. Angel (the second beast)
4. (Lets make) Love in the Dark
5. The Dark in Your Eyes
6. Sultress
7. Summer in Italy
8. The Concept of Self


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The awaited 3rd album from cellar metal band TOR MARROCK, an album with “undertones of ritual, sexual and sensual witchcraft”. 8 tracks of CELLAR METAL, a mix of Death/ goth & 80ies metal! -The title “The Concept Of Self” refers to the struggle of not really knowing what we are and why we are here.
The topic tells the story of going down a chosen path too far and not being able to find your way back and
maybe not wanting to, in this case it is a path that leads to ritual, sexual and sensual witchcraft…

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